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The following question and response is extracted from the "What's your trouble?" column that appeared in the Wheels magazine for March 1959.


Sir: Where can I get hold of a shop manual for my 1928 Pontiac Six? If a manual proves impossible to trace, I would appreciate any information you might be able to supply. - H. Lindeamnn, Rosebery, Tas.
The Pontiac manufacturers didn't produce a shop manual for 1928 models and, as this series is now 30 years old, there is virtually no printed data to turn to for information.
The only information we have is as follows: Tappets, .008" (hot); points, .017"; plugs, .022". Spark occurs at 7 deg. B.T.D.C. Inlet valve opens 7 deg. A.T.D.C. with tappet opened from .008" to .10". Don't forget to reset to .008".
A 3/32' cut can be taken from the cylinder head and it might be possible for you to fit a downdraught carburettor if you could have a competent welder modify your manifold to suit, say, a Stromberg or a Tillosten.
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