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The following is extracted from an advertisement that appeared in an unidentified newspaper circa 1930.

PONTIAC SIX for 1930.

LONG LIFE .... Because Pontiac pistons save 4 miles of wear in every hundred miles you drive.

Even apart from the proof afforded by the experience of owners, engineers know that Pontiac must be a long-lived, reliable car.
A glance at the chassis - a quick examination of the engine specifications - supply convincing evidence!
The rugged, powerful Pontiac engine saves wear - because its pistons travel on the average 222 feet less per mile than other cars in its field - a saving of four piston travel miles in every hundred road miles! The engine makes fewer revolutions per mile, too, resulting in less wear and tear generally.
And, wherever wear may occur, Pontiac's vital parts are extra heavy .... oversize for extra service .... for LONG LIFE.
With this long life Pontiac offers fine performance ... power ... smoothness ... hill climbing ability. It offers marked reliability, rarely needing more than superficial adjustments .... almost never requiring replacements. It offers beauty of line and colour ... luxurious appointments. It represents a value outstanding among cars of its price.
Pontiac dealers are proud to demonstrate. They will tell you how easily you may buy under the G.M.A.C. Terms Plan, and how well your investment is protected by General Motors Warranty.
Get from them - or from the plant nearest you, the free booklet - "How to Get Long Life from Your Car."

BRISBANE : Wickam Street, Newstead.
SYDNEY : Carrington Road, Marrickville.
MELBOURNE : City Road, Melbourne.
ADELAIDE : Birkenhead, Port Adelaide.
PERTH : Cottesloe Beach, Perth.

PONTIAC SIX for 1930.

A famous name - A finer car.
"More Wealth for Australia - - - More Jobs for Australia"

Reference Sources and Acknowledgments
Newspaper: Unidentified, but believed to be Melbourne based; Copy of Newspaper cutting: OzGM Collection.