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The following article appeared in Modern Motor September 1961.


Latest Chev Launched

RELEASED on July 17 - the 1961 model of the Chevrolet Bel-Air sedan, assembled here by G.M.H.
It's a much more attractive car than its immediate predecessors - sleeker, slimmer, and without those outrageous gull-wing tailfins. New radiator grille looks neater, too, and the wraparound rear window with big overhang is decidedly classy.
Mechanics and wheelbase are unchanged, but the whole car is 1 ½in. shorter, 2 ¼in. narrower and half an inch lower, Boot sill has been lowered 4 ½in. to make loading easier, and the spare sits on a kick-up shelf.
Doors open wider, front seating has been raised, and there's more room for feet and legs. A redesigned, padded dash and horn buttons set into the wheel spokes round off the picture. Price, alas, is up - from £2475 to £2579 (including tax).
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