Australian Assembled

Pontiac and Chevrolet
Until 1968, General Motors-Holden (Australia) assembled Pontiacs and Chevrolets for the local market. With production levels measured in hundreds, information regarding the features, production levels, advertising material, specifications, etc is simply not readily available. Unfortunately with each passing year, the likelihood of obtaining such information becomes less and less - unless someone does something about it.

This site has been prepared to meet that challenge. Focusing on the last decade of Australian production, the aim is to encourage, assist and promote the preservation, restoration, maintenance, modification and general enjoyment of these icons of an era in automotive history that will never be repeated.

To achieve this it is hoped that owners of these cars and others with similar interests will contribute information. It might be a copy of an Owners Manual, an original sales invoice, a Brochure or even just a handed down story. Collectively, the knowledge will assist to verify facts.

Having only launched this site in 2001 we have really just started so please visit from time to time or click the "update me!" button below and we will email you with notice of changes to the site.

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