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Build Plate

The Build Plate contains the codes for:

  • Body
  • Trim
  • Paint
  • Insert
  • Top
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The Build Plate or Body Identification plate is attached to the Firewall inside the engine bay usually on the same side as the steering.

Serial Number

There is also (usually near to the Build Plate) another tag with the serial number on it.

Chassis Number

The Chassis number is a little more difficult to locate.  It is stamped onto the left hand chassis rail. 1966 and earlier it is located under the hood and behind the Upper Control arm mounting point. 1967 and later it was still on the left hand chassis rail but in front of the Upper Control arm mounting point.  Usually it is quite easily read but if there is a build up of grime then a wipe with a rag will make it clearer. There is often an alpha character either in the middle of the number or at one end.

Still Can't Find Them?

If you can't find any of these number inside a few minutes then they may not be there! A number of examples have been sighted where the Build Plate and the Serial Number tag have been removed, presumably as part of a restoration project where the owner wishes to present a cleaner appearance. Sadly, if these plates are lost it becomes very difficult to ascertain accurate details with absolute certainty. Also accident damage repairs sometimes require heating of the chassis rail to re-straighten it and this can diminish the readability of the chassis number.

If you have any difficulties please send an email to and outline your situation and I will offer any assistance I can.

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