1965 to 1968 Chassis

A common belief is that the 1965 through 1968 Pontiacs and Chevrolets (Australian Assembled) are the same except for the actual body. Whilst they are similar in many areas there are subtle differences and this includes the chassis.

Although very similar, the Chassis are different between Pontiac and Chevrolet mainly in the extension sections and the patterns of mounting points that attach the bumper bars. The second digit in a Chassis number (65-68) will be either "7" for Pontiac, or "1" for Chevrolet.

The 1966 Chassis had the Left Hand idler arm mounted through the left hand Chassis rail whereas the 1966 through 1968 had the idler arm mounted to the inner side of the Chassis (LH) rail.

Top trailing arms (rear suspension) are shorter on 1968 models and mounted to a heavier crossmember than 65/66/67 which have longer arms and lighter crossmember.

At least some 67 model (possibly all) chassis have a larger elongated hole in the frame at the mounting point immediately in front of the rear wheel whereas 66 and earlier has a round hole. Bushes for 66 therefore do not fit 67 and I understand that suitable bushes are not available. Presumably 68 is the same as 67. - (Kym - May 2001)

Has anybody with a 67 or 68 replaced these frame mounts and able to comment?

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